Wedding band entertainment is one of the most sought after forms of entertainment out there as the right wedding entertainment can really make the difference on the big day. We have a large selection of wedding bands to hire and we can help you patiently come to a decision on which wedding band hire will suit your unique occasion best. A wedding function band comes in a variety of forms, with some offering a selection of different acts, with others sticking to the one genre. You can hire multiple live wedding bands to play at various points throughout the big day, i.e., music outside the church / during dinner / for the first dance / end of the night entertainment. The amount of musical genres to choose from is vast and you may be surprised at the amount of options out there, so browse our website before choosing. Of course if you have your heart set on a certain genre or act we will strive to meet all your requirements and provide fantastic recommendations based on our experience in the industry.

We can provide a variety of entertainment for a wedding, such as magicians, lookalikes, living statues, circus performers and other wedding entertainers, as well as fun inflatables, fun games, fairground rides and side stalls. The most popular choice of entertainment for weddings however is the music, which is why we pride ourselves on the fabulous array of choices available to you. We have string quartets, barbershop quartets, concert pianists, classical harpists, orchestras, tribute acts, decades, star names and much more. We have a range of cultural bands including steel drum bands, Gaelic music, Latin/Salsa music and much more. The list of wedding bands for hire that we have is almost endless and you can choose the band that will best suit your specific event.

We supply entertainment to all types of events but for musical entertainment wedding is our most popular destination. We have been supplying entertainment at weddings for years and our experience with wedding entertainment bands allows us to be very select over which acts feature in our books. Therefore if you hire band for wedding with us you will be receiving the very best in the business. We can hire wedding band to any wedding in the UK, throughout the year, and we can cater for any venue, budget, location, amount of guests, age of guests, and other such factors.